Miami Township Precinct ‘C’

A Precinct position is often called the most powerful position on the planet, because we pick the people who rule American. As your precinct rep I believe in Free Markets, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility. I created this blog site so that precinct C voters can become more organized and enlightened with candidate and issue info. It will enable you to become intelligent voters and enable us to communicate among ourselves and our neighbors. All you have to do is use the comment section to communicate with me and others. Also please point your neighbors to this site. Gradually we will become a more effective voting block in Clermont County, and in Ohio. Some offices were decided by as little as 187 votes this last election.

You can email me at or comment on this blog. If you wish to be an informed voter, or want some resource material I have listed some good ones below. These are a partial list of  what can be found on the Clermont County Tea Party site:

Drudge Report          Americans for Prosperity       CATO Institute

Heritage.Org      Numbers USA                            Heartland Institute

WUWT (climate)      National Right to Work           The Buckeye Institute

Ohio Manufacturers Assoc                         Clermont County Tea Party site

Rush Limbaugh radio 550 Am (12-3pm, m-f)           The American Thinker                                         COAST

Gongwer                     Save Clermont     The Foundry

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